PRESS RELEASE: Stampeder’s Trade Cleats for Snowshoes

Players volunteer for brain health initiative 


CALGARY (February 16, 2016)

A few Calgary Stampeders are putting in some extra offseason training. Offensive lineman Quinn Smith, defensive end Ben D’Aguilar and strength coach Dmitri Tsoumpas are volunteering at a snowshoe tour fundraiser in support of brain health.

The two current players were recruited for the event by former offensive lineman Tsoumpas, a three-time all-star for the Stamps. Toumpas played six seasons between 2008 and 2014 before a serious concussion forced him to hang up his helmet. Since then, he’s been actively searching out treatment options for his post-concussion symptoms.

“Meditation, float therapy, massage therapy, all have been extremely beneficial for me.” Said Tsoumpas, “so for the Calgary Stampeders to get on board with the Branch Out Neurological Foundation to support neuro research is fantastic!”

The Branch Out Neurological Foundation funds research of alternative treatments for neurological disorders, including concussions. Co-founder Crystal Phillips is also a former athlete whose career was also cut short by a neurological disorder. Phillips was a national level speed skater when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, inspiring her to found the Branch Out Neurological Foundation.

The Stampeders supporting Branch Out sends a strong message, said Tsoumpas.

“The publicity around concussions and pro football keeps growing and I hope that players and staff volunteering for causes like Branch Out shows that we support research around brain health.”

The Branch Out Snowshoe Tour is this Saturday, February 20th in West Bragg Creek. All funds raised from the event will go to brain health research. For more information, visit 

About Branch Out Neurological Foundation

Branch Out Neurological Foundation is a registered charitable organization that funds research towards complementary and alternative modalities in the field of neuroscience at institutions across Western Canada.


Crystal D. Phillips, Executive Director
Branch Out Neurological Foundation

Phone: (403) 200-0494

Email: [email protected]