The Brain 'En Plein Air'

With 'Your Brain on Art' just around the corner, we wanted to check in with our participating artists to see how they've begun to creatively interpret Branch Out funded research.  Lindsay Rempel was partnered with Ty McKinney, who studies the effects nature has on the brain.  With a passion for florals, travelling, and the great outdoors, Lindsay intimately understands the connection between nature and creativity. 


Interview with Lindsay Remple

Photos by Suz Nolan

How did you initially get involved in 'Your Brain on Art'?

I first heard about the art event from Trisha, one of the Committee members. She shared with me a bit of her own family history and the medical struggles they’ve gone through.  I instantly connected and loved the positivity behind this fundraiser. I like the idea of bringing people together to educate, celebrate talent, fundraise and promote the arts.

What sparked your interest in participating?

I love science and find “how the brain functions” very fascinating. As an artist, I can understand how the brain connects with the heart - but seeing that scientifically proven is pretty spectacular.

Describe your experience with your neuroscience match.  What did you learn and were there any surprises?  Any connections or exciting observations made?  

I’ve been connected with a neuroscientist that studies how nature affects the brain. Being a painter of nature, I am aware of my emotional response to experience, and how it helps me document my memories. I find it interesting that you can scientifically document this process.


How does your art connect with science?

The simple connection between my art and science is that the input + my experience = how my brain connects this to what my hands create as a result.

How are you tackling this project?  Are you incorporating a new process?  How is this similar/different to your current artwork or practice?  Tell us more!

With this project, I went out into nature and painted ‘plein air.’ I usually paint from memories of a place or picture documentation in my studio. This time, I wanted to take in my surroundings, be present in the moment and use that in the painting.

Thank you Linsday!  We can't wait to see your final piece in the show.  

I’m thrilled to be a part of this fundraiser and hope that we can both learn something and celebrate some unique talent. Thank you for pairing us together, and I’m hopeful for a successful event!


Dates: May 16 & 17, 2018

Time: 7:00 - 9:30 pm

Ticket Price: $150

Venue: cSPACE King Edward School, 1721 29th Ave SW

Includes cocktails, delicious food, theatre, art show, online art auction, and an original play by renowned and local playwright, Eugene Stickland.  You can choose from two evening performances, and you'll have the opportunity to enjoy art, see the research in action, and meet some of Branch Out's neuroscientists.