TMS is Great for Adults, but What about Kids?



You have heard wonderful things about TMS-based treatments for depression. The process is painless, safe, and can promote the brain's innate healing capacity-neuroplasticity. But just because a treatment is amazing for fully grown brains doesn't mean it will also be amazing for kids. Would you trust brain stimulation technology on your own children? Well thanks to this study, science can help reassure parents that TMS is a safe and promising treatment approach for their children. 

The Scientists

Asha Hollis, MS Student

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Principal Investigator:

Dr. Adam Kirton

University of Calgary

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Trans-cranial Magnetic Stimulation is a powerful tool for helping brains heal themselves. While TMS has been demonstrated to be effective at treating depression and a number of other disorders in adults, children stand to gain a lot more from TMS treatment. Since their brains are still growing and developing, the use of TMS could be even more effective for children. This study is testing the limit on how young children can handle TMS so that new treatments using this technology can be developed for pediatric disorders. 


This study hopes to establish TMS protocols as a safe and tolerable treatment option for pediatric populations. The success of this project will lead the way for the development of TMS treatments for pediatric brain conditions. 



Amount Funded: $2,500


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