Traditional Medicine vs. NeuroCAM: What's the difference?


We support scientifically valid research into all kinds of things, including research that proves or disproves the efficacy of either traditional medicines or neuroCAM. Just as many traditional medicine approaches have problems, many neuroCAM approaches are likely to have problems. Branch Out believes that through rigorous science we can inform practitioners of the best treatment options for an individual’s condition, regardless of whether it comes from traditional or alternative medical approaches.   We suggest you take a look at some of the past projects that have received funding to gain an impression of our funding agenda. The key words here are scientifically valid. We don't support fantastical and unfounded claims, whether from proponents of pharmaceutical or naturopathic options. 

We want to stress that we are not only funding things that fall under the categories of holistic medicine, traditional medicine, or naturopathy, but because of the lack of credible research into these topics we have a preference for them. At the end of the day the research needs to be validated in scientific forums, which will not make a distinction between alternative or traditional origin. We have supported research into a wide variety of care and treatment options for many neurological disorders. Seriously, we've funded research into everything from compounds in marijuana and broccoli to the use of music and rhythm in retraining the mind and body's motor control functions. Scientific innovation is not bound by ideological differences, and its only through ignoring those differences will innovation lead to better treatments for our loved ones.