UofC Master's Student Shares His Experience with Branch Out

Kyle Mayr is a long-time Branchy and friend.  He's a Master's student at the University of Calgary studying the ketogenic diet as an analgesic following injury.  

In his research, he's looking at how pain may be beneficial to avoid and protect the body from danger. When pain becomes constant and long-lasting, it becomes a debilitating issue that many people face across the world. The current best treatments for pain are pharmaceuticals; many of which come with undesired side effects.



One recent consideration is the role that diet plays in the treatment of pain. Diets like the ketogenic diet may provide a way to reduce pain by acting on pain systems in the human body, thus reducing or eliminating pharmaceutical usage for treatment.  Through this project, Kyle aims to find complementary therapy to help reduce pain following injuries such as spinal cord injury and peripheral nerve injury.

"My experience with Branch Out has been extremely positive. I have absolutely loved working for and with the foundation.
This project has opened up many doors for me and has expanded my breadth of knowledge. I like the personal aspect associated with Branch Out. Most times it feels more like a community than any other organization.
One cool thing that has always stood out for me is the amount of communication between everyone that is a part of the Branch Out Foundation.  From Neuron Night to the release of the Branchy Brew, to the CBC documentary, I have had many opportunities to be involved.
The last thing that stands out to me is the ability to reach out to anyone in the company. For example, I have had lunch with Crystal a couple of times. That to me is an amazing experience, not only is she herself extraordinary, but the ability to discuss with one of the founders of the Branch Our Foundation is unheard of in ANY other foundation."
- Kyle Mayr, Master's Student at University of Calgary