What is the difference between your research categories (Basic, Translational, and Clinical Trials)?



Explores a phenomenon and makes discoveries. Basic science is essential as it forms the foundation upon which translational research and clinical trials are built on. Basic science guides translational research by providing a better understanding of the phenomenon that is dysfunctional in various conditions. After all, how can one hope to fix a problem they don’t understand in the first place?


Takes what has been executed in the lab and makes it useful for people in everyday life. Within clinical contexts, translational research explores why and how interventions work. This knowledge is in turn used to establish whether or not an intervention should be tested in a clinical trial (it can include what is known as pre-clinical trials).

Clinical Trials

Formal tests to determine the efficacy of an intervention, usually involving collaboration between a research team and practicing clinicians. These studies are often the basis upon which physicians will make decisions about a patient’s treatments.