Your Brain on Art 2019 Artists


Where Art Meets Neuroscience


Artists Proudly Partnering with Your Brain on Art

October 30th, 2019 at Contemporary Calgary 


An important part of YOUR BRAIN ON ART is the collaboration between neuroscientists and artists to produce a piece reflective of the artists experience connecting with a Branch Out Neurological Foundation research project. These pieces are shown at the event and auctioned off online as a 100% donation to support ongoing research.


Angela Morgan

John F. Gerrard

Caroline Stanley

Kailey Moulson

Catherine Davis

Lindsay Rempel

Chris Cran

Michelle Screpnechuk

Colleen Phillipi

Neil Dawson

Geoffrey Hunter

Stacey Walyuchow

Jenn Weihmann

Tresa Gibson

Allan Mackay

Mandy Stobo & Anne Sellmer


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