Your Impact

The Branch Out Neurological Foundation was founded in 2010.  As a grassroots charity, we've made a name for ourselves by being trailblazers.  We push the status quo and aren't afraid of challenging systems and methods because 'that's the way they've always been done.' 


How?  With YOUR support.  

Because of you, we've funded 80+ tech or non-pharmaceutical research projects across Canada.  Because of you, we've raised nearly $3 Million to help find more diverse treatment options for individuals with neurological disorders.  Because of you, we're making Calgary a hub for complementary and alternative science and technologies.  

Let's continue this momentum in 2020, shall we? 

Please consider making a donation today.

Here are some research projects you supported in 2019: 

Undergraduate - $8,000

Ketogenic Diet as a Treatment for Low Oxygen Levels in Epilepsy, UofC

Walking as a Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis, UofVic

Brain Stimulation for Post-Concussive Syndrome, UofC

BCI as a Method to Control SMART Home Technology, UofC

Masters - $22,000

Exploring Mindfulness and Memory in Pediatric Depression and Anxiety, UofC

Can Cannabis Modulate Inflammation Following a Stroke? UofL 

Speech Therapy for Your Throat: A Treatment for Sleep Apnea, UofT

Bringing the Brain Stimulation Clinic Home with You, UofT

Combating Social Deficits in Dev. Disorders with Lego Robotics Play Therapy, UofT

PhD - $26,500

Smoking Weed is Thought to Help with Stress... Let's Take a Closer Look in the Brain, UofC 

UofT Seed Grant - $48,500

If you have MS, Turning Off Google Maps Directions Could Help with Memory Problems, UofT